Friday, February 26, 2010

Be prepared for lots of screaming

Next Thursday is a big day.  A HUGE DAY.  A GINORMOUS BLUE WHALE OF A DAY. 

My Honey Cheeks, aka Miss, is coming to town!!! OMG I piddle myself every time I think about it.

Why Honey Cheeks?  Cause this girl has some amazing dimples that I just want to gobble up every time I see them.  And her beautiful mini me, Caden, has them too.  Dimples are a huge weakness for me.  No matter how young, old, woman or man, I just wanna touch them. I am also very curious how many M&M’s I can fit in them….

We have two whole weeks with her and I’m not the only one counting down the days until she’s here.  Bailey tells me every day that its one day closer for her to come.  Even though he’s a little sad that his buddy Caden isn’t coming too, he’s having issues with waiting. 

TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!  IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!

She made fun of me a few days ago when I asked her what kind of things she’d like to eat while here.  I personally, want to make her stay here awesome, and I don’t want to serve something she doesn’t like.  My loving effort got a “You are so cute” and a “I like anything…except peas and cabbage”.  That part of me, you know that Cheshire cat grin side, wants to make nothing but that for a few days and throw her world upside down for being so up in the air on her response.   But I love you Miss, so I won’t….much MWUAHAHAHA.

We’ve got vlogging plans, we’ve got shopping plans, we’ve got hanging out doing zip plans.  Where’s my easy button to make sure the two weeks doesn’t fly by too fast???

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Anonymous said...

You can't keep her for too gotta send her back home. It's gonna be bad enough without her. I'm already going through withdrawals and she isn't even gone yet...LoL I am very curious for the vlogging though....between you two, its gonna be EXCELLENT!