Saturday, February 27, 2010

New project

So I have a new project.  Yes yes I know, I’m still working on my family website, which is not up and running by the way…ugh, plus my website, plus I can barely do what I need to do around here, why on earth do I need another project?  Well cause I can. ~sticks tongue out~

It’s called The Naked Past, and its all about the side of history I love and enjoy.  Like the things that most people shrug off as not amazing enough to remember.  Or some historians who think that only wars are worthy of remembrance and are the only explanation of man kind that we need.  !!!Not bashing our troops!!!  Or the side of history that most people don’t realize is wrong.  Which I’m so going to get hate mail for I’m sure and I’ll just print it and hang it for drinking games.  Finding out if its true or a myth and how things came to be so warped from the truth.  Funny to think I do all this, and have since I was 16, for fun?  Or crazy…the jury is still out.

I find it hard to post history stuff here, I feel it doesn’t quite belong, hehe like I have a pattern in any of my blogs right.  Just the same, I wanted a place for it so I could have fun outside of family, kids, OCD and depression. 

If you’d like to follow me there as well, that would be fantabulous, if not no worries.  I’ll still love you anyway.

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