Thursday, February 04, 2010

Can we say EEEEEE

So in two weeks I’ll be turning 28, and like always age is just a number to me so its no biggie that I’m inching closer to the dreaded 30.  Which I have to say totally pisses people off when I don’t respond to their jokes.  LOVE IT.  Anywho, I’ve been begging and begging for a certain item for a long time and one reason or another I back off because its sorta expensive.  This year, for my birthday I begged some more.  I said “Oh please oh please Big Daddy (aka Bo) can I have this for my birthday?  I will gladly accept it for Valentines Day, my birthday, and Mother’s Day if only I can finally have it”.  And guess what!?!?! I am getting it.  All the begging was wasted sadly since we found one in our birthday budget.

What is it you may be asking?  Are you scratching your head in wonder at what this certain something could be that I haven’t given up on asking for?  Well haha you’ll just have to wait until it gets here! MWUAHAHA.

The count down is about 6 days, since shipping and all could change I’m hoping that it comes sooner.  Every noise outside my door sends me rushing to see if IT is here.  Be prepared for a shrine for this special something, pictures and loving posts all catered to IT.  I’m going to come up with a name for IT, because IT is going to be so big around here that there has to be a name for IT.  So stay tuned for the big debut of my special gift!

Miss don’t you dare give it away either, no ‘guessing’ my friend! 


-MissC* said...

Well It could be me that you are getting for your BDay... SINCE I JUST BOUGHT MY PLANE TICKET!!!
I should get something to record my whole trip with you!!

Nikki said...

You are not an IT my friend, you're my honey cheeks. Besides that your not coming in the mail!

You are part of my birthday present even though your coming weeks later. And you get more than an EEEEE, lol.