Saturday, February 13, 2010

I can get this for free….

Dear family, I’d stop right here and now if I were you.  I am about to write about something very kinky and naughty, and if you don’t want to see this side of me, I’d run away covering your eyes.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you of the nightmares you may have from reading this.

Last night while watching tv, I witnessed one of the worst, nastiest, yet funniest commercials for workout equipment I have ever seen.  It’s worse than that swiveling chair thing, that honestly I think I’d fly right off if I tried it.  This….this thing is just so fantastic that I giggled and laughed, had tears running down my face before I ran to get Bo to watch the commercial.  We both agree….I can get this for free.

It’s called the Shake Weight, check out the video.

You know the person who created this thought “Hmm my arms look awesome, I think its from jerking off my man.  Let’s make a dumbbell to stimulate this!”.  I mean come on, this thing is just a dirty toy disguised as a workout tool. 

I’m not hating this,  I’m sure it does something for your arms but seriously! Of all the ideas this is just way dirty.  What about a regular dumbbell?  I’m expecting a porn to be released with this toy as its main character.

Thanks to Miss, we have this wonderful video that totally sums it up. I thought I'd add it so no one misses out on this gem. Thanks for sharing!


-MissC* said...

ALthough I think you need to see the parody too
AWESOME POST. I am dying laughing!!!

Snake Eyes said...

Oh yeah that is so going to be in a new porn,I don't think it would really do anything for your arms movie. Funny as hell great blog you have here.

Julie said...

I know the shake weight commercial is hilarious! I bought it for my boyfriend as a joke. But after the initial hilarity of it subsided, he started using it. And let me tell you, it is a great little workout gadget! He looks more cut. I was so impressed, i went online to their website and order one for myself. Now we shake weight it during commercial breaks. haha it's our fun little game. And if the shake weight commercial is actually on...we double time it. :} its funny but you should check it out. it really works.

Christian said...

this is why shake weight works. I love my results.

Nikki said...

Wow thats great you guys have seen improvement! I really wasn't expecting to have people who have one comment something positive.

Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for stopping by!!

Lauren Webb said...

In NC, Trainer Megan Solly uses Shake Weight and sees the results that are promised. Great story from