Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why is this hard?

I promised that you would be punished by my vlogs, and I have yet to hold up my promise.  I am sorry, but torture does await you…at some point.

You see, I hate seeing myself.  I hate hearing myself.  I hate watching myself.  So every video I have make, I have made A TON and no you won’t hear how many because it embarrasses me to know how many…yes I counted, makes me angry.  Not just angry but embarrassed, grossed out, so much so that I want to burry my head in the sand.  I’m sure someone would say there is a good video or two, but I can’t.  I cringe watching these things.

At least I’ve figured out that the living room has the best light…..

Now if only I could stop fidgeting, spacing out, forgetting what I want to say, stuttering and going off topic. 

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