Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time to hide the toys…

Warning family, don’t read farther if you don’t want to hear about me and sex….

So a few years ago I made a purchase, a ‘toy’ or two for Bo and I to enjoy.  And in that order we were allowed a free item.  None of the items were something we wanted so I chose something that was just funny.  I don’t know what its called, its a stick with one end a blue fuzzy feathered thing and the other is like a cat of nine tails whip.  It has sat in my closet since the day we got it in the mail.  Why didn’t I throw it away?  I’m not sure since every time one of us decided to use it, it ended with giggles and is returned to its place.  It’s more of a laugh than anything else. 

Well the other day I got it out for a laugh and it seems a piece of the feathery end fell off unbeknownst to me.  I put it back in its place after Bo laughed and declared no not this time, as usual.  Somehow this little feather got under the bathroom cabinet, and we didn’t see it.

The next day I was getting dressed and such, Bailey had followed me into the bathroom.  I see him standing at the door of my closet, using the door frame as an anchor, he’s standing on his tippy toes straining to see in the shelves. 

So I ask him “Bailey man, what are you looking for?”

He responds with “I’m looking to see if that blue fuzzy stick is still in here” before turning around and going to pick up the little blue feather “See Mama, here’s a piece of it.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just said uh huh and went back to putting my contacts in.  Note to self, hide all ‘toys’ in a box, on the highest shelf in my closet. 

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