Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Friday Friday

 My eyes are still arguing about being open, but I told them to get over it, the suns up we have to get out of bed.  I tell myself its FRIDAY and they give a little twitch, but that’s it.  My nose told them there’s coffee and they twitched again….Guess who won this mornings fight??

So anywho, its Friday.  And on Friday a lovely gal, Brenda has created FlogYoBlog Friday’s.  I love all of my followers, mwuah, but I admit I would love to see more.  I get so excited when I have a new follower.  I kid you not I squeal, I do a mini tribal and a backflip…ok so not a backflip but everything else.  I screamed when I hit 10 followers, can you imagine what I’ll do once I hit 20??  Here are the instructions, lets have some fun!!


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1 comment:

Jodene said...

Hey Nikki
I just found your blog via blogcatalog and I love it! I'm now a follower and love the energy with which you are taking on your days and your life!

I also blog about my personal life, on a daily basis (crazy commitment ... lol) and would love for us to be able to keep on encouraging each other.

Hope your membership booms ... if you are on facebook, find me and I'll show you another great blogging community that you would love ... my name there is Jodene Shaer!

My blog is

Take care of you and keep bloggin!!