Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here’s a laugh for you..

 Death_Note___Lights_Laugh_ORIG_by_NightrisLast Friday I did a lot of ‘work’, lots of research for the business, scheduling appointments, making all sorts of phone calls, blah blah.  I was pretty proud of all I managed to do in my dizzy half attentive state.

Then I noticed my calendar….

I was waiting on my lunch to heat up, I glanced at the calendar just to kill time when I noticed that the appointment I had set for myself on Friday, had the wrong doctor listed.  Hmm.  I shrugged it off, I just wrote down the wrong doctor, scribbled it out and added the right one.  I sat down to eat my lunch when my OCD kicked in, and I am saying right here and now THANK YOU OCD, you just saved me major embarrassment.

I checked the call history on my phone and noticed that I didn’t call the right doctor…so who the crap did I call?  Well to make sure it wasn’t just an alternative number I got switched to, I called my family doctor’s office and checked my appointment.  Only to find I HAD NOT MADE ONE.  Yup, insert giggle here, but wait it gets BETTER.  Luckily I was able to make an appointment for Friday, and the lady helping me, although laughing at what had happened, was very helpful.

The name I had put on my calendar was correct, and although he can help me with changing the happy pills, his expertise is as an OBGYN.  The mix up happened because on my list was to make my yearly exam, along with my yearly eye exam.  Can you imagine if I had called my eye dr.’s office instead. OMG the laughter.

I called to cancel my appointment and when I explained what happened, the lady burst into laughter and I joined her. 

I’m so glad my tardness has helped get a good laugh.


Draft Queen said...

That is something I would do. And as someone with many appointments, I've several times shown up for an appointment with one dr when I should be at another.

Jodene said...

Tee hee hee Nix! I so love your attitude towards it all.
This really did make me chuckle because I check that I'm going to the right appointment up until I'm about to ring on the door. It always hovers at the back of my mind that I'm so going to arrive at the wrong destination ... tee hee