Thursday, March 11, 2010

If my house could talk..

It would say thank you Miss.  Thank you ever so much for showing me love by cleaning up the messes that these slobs leave behind.  It does not match my nail polish or these killer shoes I’m wearing. 

She’s like THE cleaner.  She cleans and I look over and go yeah why didn’t I think of that, and by the time I get over to help, she’s finished it.  I didn’t even ask or hint or anything, she just does it.  Like dinner last night, she helped me since I didn’t want to do it, forgot the happy pills again SOB.  I love getting help while cooking and she just jumped in and did stuff and we worked around each other in my teeny kitchen like we had planned our moves.  It was awesome, and so like it used to be when they still lived here.  She cleaned up as she prepped dinner.  Wow what a concept and it totally worked, how can I not possibly do that?  Seriously?  I get sidetracked by cleaning up my mess that I burn dinner, so I leave it for after dinner…and then its the next day.  My kitchen looks awesome and it took her like minutes to clean up, while I stood there and was like holy crap how do you do this because it does not look like this when I do it?

But that’s Miss, that’s the awesomeness that is her.

I don’t want to see her go back home for many reasons, but one HUGE one is I want her to rub off on me!  I don’t think 2 weeks is long enough for my wimpy brain to catch on to the fabulous that is cleaning as I go.  Although she has put things up in places I wouldn’t have so I’m like um Miss where did you stick this and she’s like um yeah right over here.  I don’t mind, but its an odd sensation to not know where things are in my kitchen.  What’s funny about this though is that she somehow managed to get the junk on my counters in the minimal cabinet space I have.  I have no counter space really, and now I have like tons compared to what it used to be, all thanks to her.  I don’t know how she did it! 

My kitchen hasn’t been this clean for this long in like….EVER.  Normally it lasts two days and then its right back to messy.  But that was when I or Bo were doing it.  Miss has this special touch, magic if you will, and things just stay clean when she’s around.  I LOVE HER AND WANT TO KEEP HER.  The clean we do is not clean, yet we do the same things and it looks like crap sickles, while she makes it look perfect. 

I want her to tell me her secrets.  I want her to show me how easily she does it without even thinking.  I want to know how she keeps her focus and is able to accomplish so much, while doing so little, in so short of time.  Because I’m watching and still don’t freaking get it.


kbxmas said...

Found you on Brenda's FoYoBlog Friday. Never followed a blog with an adult content warning -- cool.

Nikki said...

LOL well I put that there because occasionally I get a little um dirty and my cousins see this site. Thought I'd give everyone a heads up, although I'm fairly decent...most of the time.

Thank you for following me!! So excited!!

Lori said...

Hazaar for the cleaner!