Monday, April 19, 2010

A huge bump in the mountain yeah thats it.

I'm pretty bummed to announce that the whole bath product samples and such is being put on hold, again.  Sigh to third power.  Bo's surgery, plus dr's visits (both pre-op and post-op) comes to $3500+ out of our pocket.  Insurance covers zip, since we haven't met our deductable, although with his surgery and my $260 a month happy pills, it won't take us but a few more months to reach it.

Not only is the bath business being moved back, so is EVERYTHING we had planned to do with our tax money.  Because every dime went into paying for everything.  So no fixing the back patio/porch and adding an awning, no getting Bailey a twin bed and dresser, no paying off debt, no extra cash for our 10th anniversary.  Nope, all of it went to a ball snip and removal.

It was well worth it, he had to do it for our family and for his health, so I don't regret it at all.  It just sucks ass that it took everything we got back from taxes plus some from our savings, when all that was intended for things we've pushed back and back.

At this point not sure when anything is going to be back on track.  I'll let those of you who signed up for the samples know when I start back up.  Since I still need ingredients, its going to be a long long while.


Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

It;s a vicious cycle. We are the same way..everyime we get our taxes we have plans to pay debt and redo our concrete...but other things happen like home and car repairs. we were suppose to go away on a big vacation for our 15th ann. this june. my daughter makes communion and i wanted a party so we gave up vacation. following from mbc

Nikki said...

Yeah thats life huh, LOL it keeps kicking your butt when you think your doing good. The part that made this suck the most, was we were originally told it was only $1100, then two days before the surgery we got told the actual price. It's a good thing we had it, otherwise he wouldn't have had the surgery.

Yay thank you for following me!!! And thanks for commenting!

WarsawMommy said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that.... I know how much this new business must mean to you. Any idea when you might be able to do it after all?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it's soon ;)