Monday, April 19, 2010

The beauty of the unedumacated

At this moment I’m just so flabbergasted at people who think they know what they are talking about but obviously don’t, that I really don’t know where to begin. I’m going to list 10 instances that I have experienced these last few years, each one is just too perfect not to share, and to be honest each one could be a post of its own, however it saves me time and energy and hell, brain power to put them all in my folder and get it over with.

Take a trip with me folks, and get ready for a good laugh.

1. The internet is nothing but a bunch of morons talking about stuff they know nothing about and only stupid people read it, thinking it’s the truth.

2. The airplanes that you see flying over fields aren’t actually spreading fertilizer; they are spraying chemicals that make you sick. Because the government wants everyone sick so they can rule us better. Oh and it’s also them testing out chemical warfare on us.

3. The Pilgrims came to the United States before the Indians.

4. I’m trying to print this document but it won’t print, this computer is broke. See I have it on my screen, that’s all I am supposed to do to make it print…right?

5. Jon and Kate Gosselin adopted their kids, they aren’t their biological children. And their show Jon and Kate Plus 8 wasn’t popular until now.

6. I know all about kids, although I don’t have any or want any, but I know what you are doing wrong.

7. I know I haven’t met you, but let’s get married!

8. The Duggars from 19 Kids and Counting are having kids just to keep their show on. Oh and did you know that they didn’t pay for their house, or have to buy anything, it’s all donated or paid for, they don’t have to do anything.

9. Those who live in the country are stupid Neanderthals who eat with their feet and are related to their father in two ways.

10. I can barely put food on the table but I have to have a Ferrari.

Let’s look into these a little closer, shall we.

#1 not long ago we heard this come out someone’s mouth. I really don’t know how to explain this one more, since it still makes no sense that this person is convinced that the net is nothing but lies and anyone who reads is just as stupid as the people who wrote it. Hmm, yes all those people who are millionaires thanks to the net are just plain stupid.

#2 is one of the funniest I have to say. If it’s not the airplanes spraying the toxic chemicals to make us sick, it’s the government poisoning our wells and drinking water. Especially in teeny tiny towns because that’s where the government is going to go, obviously.

#3 ok I have to admit this is my all time favorite. If you have opened a United States history book at any time in your life YOU KNOW that the Indians where here first. That it was the Indians who taught the Pilgrims to plant vegetables, to hunt, how to survive etc. If you mean who discovered the US, well then that’s something else. Christopher Columbus discovering the US is a pile of BS, since it has been proven that the Vikings did, by a few centuries and it’s about time THEY got credit. Considering they actually lived here and created settlements way before the Pilgrims came.

#4 this comes from someone who spent some 15 years or so working in a computer environment and had others do the printing for them. I’m sorry people, but if you are going to apply for a job where you have to work with computers or any kind of equipment LEARN HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY.

#5 um watch the show, pay attention and you’d know the truth. The show has been off now for what a year or so??? It was a pretty big hit up until that point, so no DWTS did not make it popular. She had to have Invetro Fertilization since she couldn’t get pregnant any other way, and that doesn’t mean she was impregnated with someone else’s baby, nor is it a fancy term for adoption.

#6 I know all of us at some point says “Well have you tried this because this is what we did for my niece/nephew/cousin’s child”, yet we wonder why we get the dirty look, because we know what we’re talking about. Um no you don’t. Babysitting someone else’s kids or even babysitting your siblings, isn’t the same thing AT ALL NOT EVEN CLOSE to raising your own child. Once babysitting hour is done, you walk away, once Mom and Dad come home you get to go to your room. The only time this would be true, is if the parents left somehow or couldn’t take care of the kids, and it was just you with them every day until they moved away. When you’re the parent, doing it all day every day, everything is on your shoulders whether you are with them or not. Some techniques work and others don’t, depending on the child. Have a couple kids of your own and then you will understand.

#7 this one blows me away, I’ve seen it on the net, gasp I must be a moron, I’ve met people who’ve done it or tried to, and have heard of others who have. I can’t wrap my brain around this, I’m sorry I just can’t. Knowing someone on the net is fine, but you can’t possibly KNOW that person. It’s so easy to lie and pretend to be something else, when no one can see you. Not only that but, the chances of mutual attraction face to face isn’t so good. Things can be great on paper, perfect almost, but in reality the mechanics may not quite mesh right. Yes it does happen, but I still don’t agree that it’s the smart thing to do. Get to know them face to face FIRST, and for more than a few weeks, and if that works just as well as it did online, then go for it. The kicker is, getting to know the person, everything there is to know, and learning how to deal with it BEFORE you say I do.

#8 again if you’ve seen the show and paid any attention you would know the truth and this is not the truth. I live 20 minutes or so from these people, if they were doing this for fame then we would see them EVERYWHERE, they’d be at any and all local festivals, concerts or anything in the public’s eye, and everyone would know them. Guess what? They aren’t everywhere, they do not attend every public function (I honestly don’t know of any except a few religious conventions), no one knows these people unless they have met them before the show began. Just because you want attention and love attention, doesn’t mean that everyone is so shallow that everything they do is for fame. These people are genuinely good people, they don’t believe in birth control, and although they have 19 kids, THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN IN DEBT. And no that’s not thanks to the show, that’s because they were smart with their money, and lived within their means. Who cares how many kids they have? It’s not anyone’s decision but their own. Leave them alone and pick on those who deserve it like the Kardashians or Paris Hilton.

#9 this one is very close to home, because I live in Arkansas, USA, and the misconception is anyone who lives in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia…ok so the south really, is from a family of inbreeding morons who don’t have electricity, live with dirt floors, and wash their clothes by hand. Yeah…I could go on and on all day on this topic because it is just plain stupidity that people think this is true. Obviously they haven’t traveled to these areas, or even looked them up. Obviously they know jack about these areas and are only judging it based on The Beverly Hillbillies or Dukes of Hazard.

#10 I love how people can’t pay their bills or can barely feed their family, but have to have the top dollar, name brand clothes, shoes, jewelry, gadgets, vehicles and other what have you’s just because. Yeah this should be number one really in the unedumacated folder. Let’s see, let’s get in debt even more just to impress others. Let’s get every credit card under the sun, we don’t have to worry about money now woohoo. Moron of the year award for this here peeps. Live within your means guys, credit cards are evil pieces of plastic that will screw you in the rump in a few years. It’s not free money, in the end you pay twice if not triple the amount than you would have if you had waited and saved the money instead of charged it. Save your money, improve your credit, and have an easier life and future.

A couple of these happened very recently and it just got my brain working. If I only heard someone say something or only had one source of information, I WOULD NOT SPEW MY MOUTH LIKE AN EXPERT. Seriously some of these statements, if they were said in front of a crowd, would be laughed at. Just because you heard someone say something in passing does not make it truth. Just because you caught three sentences in a TV show does not mean it’s the truth and you know the whole story.

Moral of the story, know your information, look into it and research it before you open your mouth. Because inevitably someone is going to know more, put you in your place and you’ll have to sit through the embarrassment.
Stepping off my soap box….

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"Step off my soapbox" ... you rock! I just love that one!

What a refreshing post and just the start I needed to a full day of research and work!

Thanks for the trip ...