Thursday, April 29, 2010

I must be allergic

Let me get this straight, I have once again ran into a template that 1)the layers overlap making it basically impossible to add and readjust my gadgets and 2) doesn't seem to understand or handle basic changes that I know isn't asking too much.  I'm done with premade freaking templates, Bo I hope your reading this because you and I are going to MAKE ME ONE THAT WORKS DAMNIT. How do I keep finding the ones where the code is all messed up.  Plus, yesterday my new laptop was malfunctioning so badly it took an hour just for everything to stop freezing up and start responding.  I restarted and shut that sucker down 7 or so times.  Bo comes home works on it for an hour or so and discovers it has a faulty hard drive and it has to be replaced. WTF!!!  I am borrowing Bailey's laptop since mine is on lock down until its fixed.

I think its ok to say, technology hates me. 


-MissC* said...

lol I know this isn't funny Nik and you know you have my full sympathy but I can't help giggle a little too! LOVE YOU BOO!!

Nikki said...

I admit its sadly funny. ~sticks tongue out~

Love you too