Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Always Such a Lady Award

My bestest friend in the whole world gave me this award, Miss, and I have to say I think she's somewhat nutso. I'm that girl who wears a short skirt (haha well used to), forgets about 10 minutes later, and sits down like I'm wearing jeans or shorts, totally flashing my undies for the world to see. That is sooo not a lady.  Miss is by far more of a lady than I will ever be.

Miss wrote:

Nikki at Lunatic Cafe

For those of you who have not met my Best Friend, you are truly missing out. Nikki is a SAHM who battles a very difficult illness called OCD. It controls everything she does, and yet she always tries her best to work through it. And even when she feels ashamed she still shares her experiences in hopes that she will be able to encourage someone else or at least make youlaugh! She is a True Lady.

Me thinks she's hoping I take this award seriously and start acting more girlish and less boyish...hehe ooh honey.

Rules for this Award are:
1. Write 5 qualities you feel a Lady should possess.
2. Pick 2 Woman you feel are ladies and list 1 reason why.
3. Be a true Lady and link back to the Lady who gave you this.
4. Post this Award on Your profile.
5. Post the reason why you received this award.

Qualities: This is based on my grandma, who was one in a billion, and I wish I was more like her.

1. Finds the good in everyone, even when they let her down, she gives them hope and a chance to make things right.

2. If someone consistently screws up, she will put you in your place ever so gently without raising her voice.

3. She does not leave her bedroom/bathroom without being 100% put together. You never know when someone may need you. And it is always nice to see a beautiful reflection staring back at you.

4. Goes out of her way to help others, even if it means going without, and never ever complains. She is your safe place to go when things get dark, because you know she'll be there no matter what time it is.

5. Believes that chivalry is not dead, just ignored, and a good bashing to a man's head will bring it back.

I'm sending this to Rhonda because it doesn't matter if she's talking about her human family or her furfamily, you can tell how important they are to her, and can feel the love she has for them through her words.

I'm sending this to Me,Myself and Aphrodite because she channels her inner goddess.  She shouts it out loud and proud, and ispires me to do the same.


-MissC* said...

lol I love your Lady reasons. And I still think you are a lady! SO HA!!

Nikki said...

LOL you are so funny but I love you anyway.