Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's going to be a loooong day.

An hour and a half after I woke up I was assaulted by my son.  He was in the kitchen and the gate was up to keep Jocelyn out.  I was leaning over to help him over the gate, when he jumps.  Normally he doesn't jump until I say to, and especially not before I've gotten a hold of him.  But today he was in a hurry apparently and jumped, hitting his head on my chin with such force my teeth slammed shut sending pain throughout my mouth, on top of the pain from my chin.  Its a good thing I didn't have my tongue anywhere near my teeth because I would have bitten it off.  Sidenote: eating breakfast with a throbbing chin and aching gums isn't so easy, even when its toast and yogurt.

My house is a wreck most of the time due to my lack of energy or interest, but there is another reason.  And her name is Jocelyn.  She has no fear, she's into everything, climbing on anything she can, getting under anything she can, playing with things she shouldn't have, etc.  I'm running around most of the day saying "No Jocelyn thats not yours", "Joss we don't play with that", "Jocelyn do not climb on that" blah blah, that I can't even fathom why doing the laundry would be a good idea.  If its not that, its her screaming at the gate, so long and loud I get a headache and have to give in so the tylenol kicks in.  But I'm sick of my house being this dirty, and today by golly I was going to clean something.

I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher and she takes off into more of a daredevil mode than usual because she knows I'm not right behind her.  She climbs on top of one of Bailey's toys that she loves to climb on.  I had moved it away from anything she could use for leverage to help her.  The last time she was almost on top of the end table before I got to her.  I look over and there she is, smiling at me like "Ha you're all the way over there and couldn't stop me".  My hands were dirty, and I had to ask Bailey to get her down, at which she screams at the top of her lungs.  Not 5 minutes later she is in my purse, that was hanging on the closet door.  She's figured out how to pull and lean it to get inside it.  She had a few things out, including my wallet that she was unzipping and trying to get my license and other importatn things out.  Again, I had to ask Bailey to get them away from her, and put them up on the back of the couch.  While he was doing that, she climbs on the carseat, that is still sitting in my living room damnit three times, which she does daily and its not a problem.  Except today, she decides she's going to get between it and our couch...and gets stuck.  There I was with dirty dish gunk all over my hands, she was whining and sucking her thumb, one leg in the carseat the other pinned between it an dthe couch, and I couldn't help her.  Bailey came to my rescue and got her out.  I rush through getting the dishwasher loaded so he doesn't have to get her again.

I was in the kitchen a total of 7 minutes.  I know this because I sat my timer for 10 minutes. 

Luckily she decided to go after his toys to annoy him at that point and I've had the time to write up this here post.

I'm afraid to try my luck to clean anything else today.

It's now 10:22 am, and I have an inkling that its going to be ONE of THOSE days....


-MissC* said...

I am so wishing I was there right now. Caden could do with being pestered instead of being the pesterer.
That and I would have someone to smack me when I get the crazed mommy look and that one eye starts twitchin. Give me a good reset smack.
We need us some Jono for our blogs me thinks.
Oh and me needs some shakes...Well the sugar may not be the best thing for me right now.
Wow could you imagine!?
OMG I need to go jog in place. I have so much energy if I fart I might just shock out the computer!

Nikki said...

Your killing me Smalls!! OMG you are funny today.

Once Bo gets our home pc set up, and has more than 15 minutes to help me, we'll start building the webpage and possibly a template or two. I have all that we need, just need his help.

Draft Queen said...

This is exactly why I didn't clean my house until my youngest went to preschool.

I remember those days. Exhausting.

Nikki said...

@Draft Queen, yes they are! I swear she's sneaking something at night while we're asleep. The past few days she's been like this. I NEED A VACATION!