Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things that make you go hmmm

I don't typically follow pageants of any kind, its not my kinda thing honestly.  But I happened to read the article about the new Ms USA or whatever she is, LOL, and how there are pictures of her with a stripper pole.


How many girls out there DON'T do something thats racy?

How many girls NEVER have photos taken of her doing something naughty?

How many girls are ALWAYS so innocent that nothing can tarnish their reputation?

How many girls are virginal in every way FOREVER?

The likely hood of anyone not doing something racy or controversial or naughty, is pretty slim.  People are people.  We do stupid things when we're drunk or just to have fun.  It's normal, it's natural.  I think those who are constantly trying to find the bad in these girls should look closer at themselves. 

When I was a teenager, the wildest thing I did was go bowling and to Pizza Hut afterwards.  I was a good kid.  But if you looked at the fact that I was with a group of 7 people, me being the only girl, people would judge me differently.  It wouldn't matter if I dated none of them or all of them.  If there is a picture of me with all of them, people would come to the wrong conclusion.  For what its worth, I dated two of them, and married one.  Nothing all that heated happened with the other one, and he's still a good friend of ours.

I will say that if I had had the body to wear bikini's and make boys sweat, I would have done some table dancing and short short photos myself.  Ooooh did I just drop my keys? Let me bend over in my short little skirt...oops did I show my ass.  Silly me..

People just aren't that innocent anymore.  Why is that so shocking?  It makes her more human to find out that she danced with a pole.  Everyone does stupid things, but it does not define us or make our accomplishments less or tainted.  IT MAKES US HUMAN.  She doesn't need to loose her crown for something so trivial she did years ago, that wasn't illegal nor a danger to herself or others, I might add.

How can Miley or Britney get away with all the racy disgusting things they do/have done, and yet they are considered as role models for young girls????



-MissC* said...

I completely agree. The pictures of her and her pole were super hot. So some old flabby judge probly is just jealous.
Plus people talk about Lady GaGa and how inspirational she is, and what a genious and a role model.. Anyone remember she worked in a brothel as a whore?

Jodene said...

Well I'll take that as a head's up considering I plan to make a name for myself as a writer ... and I have done naughty things.
I have a naughty pic or two floating around and I just hope that I trusted my judgement that the person I shared them with will keep them with the fun gesture they were sent. If not ... hey ... I'm sticking to the truth that it was fun and innocent and ... oh boy, did I feel alive.
Yep ... most people are just jealous or trying to show the world that they are 'good' ...yawn!

Nikki said...

Miss - Ick not a fan of Lady GaGa, except the song Poker Face. Other than that, don't pay attention to her.

Jodene - LOL you've gotta share about those photos ;). I wish I had raunchy evidence floating around somewhere, haha. I didn't do anything like that until I was married and we deleted them not long after they were taken...well most of them anyway LOL.

Draft Queen said...

Oh boy. The things they will unearth about me should I ever get vetted.