Thursday, May 06, 2010

Technical difficulties

Started at 9:00am

My purple friend, my laptop, has only been around since December yet somehow it has a damaged hard drive.  I've been struggling to do anything on it, and mostly I can play games on FB and thats pretty much it.  Anything else, my computer freezes up and has to be shut down. 

I've tried publishing the comments for the Let's have a party post below since Sunday and they finally went through this morning before my laptop went down.  I tried to comment to say thanks for posting and welcome to the blog, but that seems to really upset the hard drive.  I'm hoping this goes through, thats about the only thank you I am allowed apparently.


We have the new hard drive, all thats left is to do the switch.  We tried last night but nothing wanted to install.  Hopefully before Monday I'll have my old friend back to normal.

Finally posted sometime after 10, haha got tired of watching.


-MissC* said...

Oh lover!!!! How I have missed thee!!!
Listen while I count the ways:
I miss the way your nose wrinkles when you snort.
I miss the way your eyes get squishy when you sniff your first cup of coffee.
I miss the way your voice gets whiny when your sleepy and don't wanna put down the laptop.
I miss the way you get so excited when you're cooking a favorite recipe.

Right now I'm just missing your dam blogs!!!! GET THE LAPTOP FIXED!!!

Jodene said...

Hey Nix

Hope the laptop is slowly getting sorted. It's been very quiet without you.
We must find each other on FB ... find me ... Jodene Shaer.

Hope Bo is recovering well ... oodles of lovin'