Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gouged by runaway toenail on Mother's Day

I was sitting in the floor, putting up random cd's left out on the entertainment center.  Bo comes walking through the living room asking me about the trash he's about to take out when his razor blade sharp, toenails sliced open the back of my hand.  I have a cut an inch or two long, long enough that it takes two, TWO, band aids to cover it. 


I poured peroxide over it, smothered it in neosporin and covered it with the band aids.  Once Bo was done putting the trash out, he headed to the bedroom and said "I guess I should go clip my nails".

No shit!

After the whole gouging incident, Bo said he needed my approval on a Mother's Day present. He'd heard me talk of a necklace, he didn't know which one and was afraid to get the wrong one.  I've had my eye on this necklace for a couple of years now.  I have loved it since I saw it but never thought I'd ever get it due to the price.  I am frugal, thank you very much, and spending over $30 on a necklace makes my stomach turn.  Ok, to be honest if its not on sale I don't buy.  But this one is waaaay over $30.   I told him the price, figuring he'd laugh and say ok, we gotta find something else.  Nope he said buy it!  I asked him over and over if he was sure, since its a ton of money.   He assured me we had the money to buy it.

It will have Bailey and Jocelyn's names and birthdays, with a blue and pink charm.  You can find it plus other gorgeous jewelry at Isabelle Grace.  I'm still in shock I'm going to have this necklace.  Plus even more shocked we had any money in our savings to cover it after Bo's snip and ball removal.  However we managed this, right now I'm too thrilled to care. 

Thank you baby! If you weren't still tender from our last romp session, I'd jump you right now for finding a way to get me this necklace.  You are awesome! And I guess I will forgive you for almost taking my hand off with your knife-like toenails.

~~Side note, my laptop is still acting wonky, it gets taken into the IT department tomorrow and all the IT boys get to play around and fix it for me.  Hopefully I'll have it back this week and can be back to blogging!~~


S Farrell said...

Who would have thunk it? Sliced by a rouge nail! OUCH! Love that necklace though, that should definately help you heal :) BTW, I have an award for you at my blog. I really enjoy yours! Feel free to stop by when your computer is all better :)

Nikki said...

OOh thanks for the award!! I got that very one not long ago but I'll gladly take it again and pass it on to others. MWUAH thanks!

HAHA for the price it cost us (which I'm still cringing over btw) it better make me feel good for the next 10 years.