Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Tuesday??? Really??

When your pregnant or thinking of having kids people will tell you little things to look forward to, like you will get no sleep.  Although you don't truly get what that means until its 2 in the morning, you're feeding a baby that you swear you just fed and put to bed 20 minutes before and you're going on 2 weeks of 2-4 hours a night of sleep...none of it all at the same time.  Thats what they mean by no sleep, except even then, you have to be there and feel it before you REALLY appreciate the hell of sleepless nights with a newborn can be.  But you get through, and its well worth it.

I'd do it 100 times if I could, even though I'd whine and complain from sleep deprivation.

My point...Oh yeah.

One thing that no one really tells you about kids and sleepless nights, is how you lose days.  Yup days.  You wake up one morning knowing what the date is, but the next morning you could swear its 1998 again.

Sunday night was rough.  We went to bed later than usual, I couldn't sleep and then Bailey has a nightmare and climbs in bed with us.  We had planned on putting him back in bed once he had calmed down but somehow we all fell asleep.  Or sleeping in small bursts anyway.  I woke up many times with a toe in my eyeball, or feet kicking my chest.  How?  Because Bailey doesn't sleep with just his head on a pillow, he lays his whole body on it. 

Yesterday I was a zombie, the headache I had all day Sunday was still kicking my butt, I barely slept, and I felt like I'd been hit by a honey wagon...Don't know what that is, well its one of many terms used for the horse drawn wagons that would go from home to home, and people dumped the contents of chamber pots in it.  Yup, enjoy that visual. 

Bo stayed home and I am so very thankful he did because I basically slept off and on all day yesterday.  Guess when I finally felt awake?? 4:00 pm!!!  I laid down three times yesterday and I'd fall asleep for a few minutes then wake up, off and on.  I was barely able to keep my eyes open, and when I FINALLY got sleep I swear to you it was like winning the lottery. 

Poor Bo was just as tired, but somehow that man can go on 3 hours of sleep and be relatively normal.  I, on the other hand, cannot function.  Although he did fall asleep for a little bit while I threw dinner together, the poor thing.

I wake up this morning and think ok it's Monday, I have this and this to do on Mondays....except its Tuesday.

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