Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Humpty Day...and something new

It's Wednesday my lovelies!!! Can I get a whoop whoop? No? Yes? Maybe?

I love Wednesday's, don't you?  It means half the week is done and Friday is only a whisper away.  I like to get as much extra done on Wednesday's as I can, it means less to do for the rest of the week after all.  And don't we all like goofing off as much as possible?
I know I do.

Although Friday is my favorite day as I'm sure it is for most people...that's kind of a given I know.

What's new??? I've decided to do a daily me time post...what do you think?

Every day is a new start, its a new beginning, a new everything really.  I know this, I tell people this and yet I don't truly do it.  Ha I don't do much for myself, I see it and can admit it and it totally pisses me off.  Why do I have to put everyone first?  What would be so terribly wrong to do something for me?  NOTHING.  Yet its still a struggle for me.

These confessions are really for myself.  It's to make sure I do something for me, no matter what it is, it has to be for ME.  ME ME ME.  I have never been a selfish person.  My whole day revolves around Bailey, Jocelyn, Bo, the dogs and the cat, and the house, and family blah blah...did you see Nikki in that list? Nope.

And taking a shower or going pee is SOOOO not countable.  Don't let me get away with it either, k?!

Later today I'm going to post my avowals (haha cool word huh) and kick this thing off because I can't continue down the path of forgetting myself or one day I'll lose me completely.


Lianne said...

I will hold you to it!

Nikki said...

Thank you Lianne! You have my permission to whip me into shape, LOL.