Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pimple update

It's a vein.  ~insert eye roll and laughter here~

Bo came home looked at it and said "Babe, its a vein, nothing more I swear". 


I haven't noticed it before because normally I don't try to see that far back on my cheek.  Thats why I didn't recognize it.

How pathetic is that?  I was on red alert yesterday over a regular vein THAT'S ALWAYS THERE.  I felt like such a moron, and said so to Bo.  He said that it was the OCD and anxiety issues I have that are the morons not me.  How sweet and totally in denial is my hubby??

It's crap like this that makes me blog.  I cannot be the only one, thank you Tammi sending hugs your way cause this kinda thing sucks, and putting it out there to hear other's stories is a ton of help.  It embarrasses me to admit this kind of stuff but I do it anyway. 

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