Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I meant to say Wednesday....


I've seen this meme a few times but never tried it.  I rarely do meme's so I thought why not, this one could be fun.

To Bailey, the wonderful little boy of my heart, yesterday when I said your behavior was horrible and I will not put up with you treating me like that, I really meant to say "Boy, I feed, cloth and take care of you and you can't pick up your damn toys without a fight?  Next time you scream 'You do it Mama' I will, and they will be put in the fucking trash". 

To the scale who said I gained 3lbs this morning, and all I said was "Great", I meant to say "You are a fucktard and I'm taking your batteries".

To myself, who kicked my blowdryer, knocking off the diffuser, only to step on it somehow with both feet (seperately) and slide on the damn thing across the bathroom tile, and now have a giant bruise and circle on the bottom of one foot and more bruises on the other one, to where its extremely painful to walk, when I said ow, I meant "You are a freaking moron for not putting up the blowdryer"


In3Dee said...

LOL These are great! I stumbled across your blog. I'm depression/anxiety attack sufferer too.

Nikki said...

Welcome In3Dee, so glad you found me! It's nice to know you are not alone, huh.

singedwingangel said...

So glad to have you link up with us.. We all need a place just to vent and let it all out so to speak and this carnival is the best to do so with.. Ouch on the foot. I have 3 boys so I so feel ya on the not pickingup anything and mine are MUCH older