Wednesday, June 30, 2010 new hobby

Let's see Monday I managed a lot of writing, although now I'm thinking I need to redo most of what I've written so far.  I'm fighting it though because I know what will happen.  I'll be left with nothing.

I thought I was paying attention to what I was eating and making better choices, except yesterday and today I weighed and it says I've gained 3lbs.  I got on that damn thing 5 times both days, always the same result.  What the crap is up with that I'd like to know?  I'm drinking more water, I'm using less creamer, I'm not cleaning up the kids plates (stupid Mom habit anyway LOL), etc.  Yet somehow I've gained 3lbs.  Damnit 150 times.

Yesterday was terrible, and I hate saying that because it makes me feel like a bad mother.  I was so stressed and exhausted by 11am that I played online games and did nothing else unless I HAD to.  I felt bad but man every time I tried to interract with them one or both would do something bad and I was already pissed, so it didn't end well.  Bo came home, and as usual, to my rescue.  Luckily Bailey did him the same way, so I didn't feel like it was just me he does this to.  But Bo has this way that I wish I did, because he managed to get him to clean his room without a fight.

How?  Well I asked him and let me tell you that man has patience like no other.  He said as long as he kept him talking, he stayed focused.  Instead of saying pick the cars up, he asked him where should this or that go.  He was still snail slow, and still walked over and kicked objects out of his way that he was 'looking' for, but he didn't break down like he did with me.  He did admit that it was like pulling teeth and he had to do a lot of deep breathing to not raise his voice. 

The boy clearly inherited this from me.  Because I do this, I will look at a room and see so much crap I have no clue where to start, and I miss things so easily it makes you wonder if I'm not blind.  How can I teach him how to not to do this when I struggle with it myself? Not sure, but obviously saying pick up your cars and put them in the case isn't good enough.

I'm regrouping today, it is Hump Day after all and either I pick up the pieces and make this week end well or let the entire week go to pot.  It's a good thing we have Corona and Mike's Hard Pomegranit Punch in the fridge.  I think they'll be very helpful this week.


Draft Queen said...

My son does that too. And I too struggled with it for the longest time. Get overwhelmed and cranky.

Cheers to you and your hump day beverages!

Nikki said...

As bad as it is to say, I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone with struggling with this....and other issues really. Thanks Draft Queen!!

They are tasty, lol and may explain the 3lbs I gained...eek