Friday, June 04, 2010

What is up with men today??

!!!Family this is about sex I wouldn't read if I were you!!!

If you spent 10 minutes with Bo and I you'd notice how we pick on and tease each other.  He grabs my ass every chance he gets or other body parts and I do the same back.  If we get the chance we whisper sweet nothings in each others ear, if not we just laugh and get the other back.  Miss thinks I'm weird because she doesn't like that kind of treatment.  But its what we do and it keeps things fun and exciting.  It's not for everyone, I know, but we have fun.  He doesn't make me feel cheap or like a piece of meat, he makes me feel wanted when he does that because I know him.  I know that if I get near him, he has to touch me in some way, and I'm the same.  It's hard not to touch him, and if I can make him laugh or get him excited well I won't shy away from it.  We tone it down out in public and around certain family members, I just feel weird about slapping my husband on the ass in front of my father...ick. 

I have a point I swear.

A few minutes ago I got the urge to go flash him while he plays a video game with a friend.  No the friend is not here, it's an online game.  I do this every great once in a while, and 90% of the times I go in and flash him or sit on his lap and start kissing him, he shuts the game down within seconds and we have some fun. So anyway, I walk in there nonchalantly, lift my shirt up, grab his head and proceed to rub his face in my chest.  LOL see told you I don't shy away from things to do with my hubby.  I didn't do this to have fun, I did this to be funny.  And you know what I get?

He lookes at me for a split second then starts laughing.  I think he's laughing at me until he starts talking and says "He just farted!" and laughs again then says "Tear gas thats awesome!".  And continues the fart conversation and goes back to playing the game as if he didn't just have his face burried in my boobs.

I got nothing!  What the crap is up with that?

I texted Miss and her ideas for punishment for his behavior is down right mean and if I didn't have a headache I probably would do something of the sort.  She suggested I grab Mr. Jiggles go back in there, and show him that I can do things without him.  And when he decides to help, tell him he took too long and has lost his opportunity. 

Have I mentioned that I love this woman????

She also suggested I blog about it and so here I am, admitting to the world that I just shoved my husband's face in my boobs and I got nadda.

Yes it pisses me off, even though I'm not in the mood.  I want some kind of reaction after rubbing his face all over the girls.  Anything would have been better than a conversation about a guy farting and it being similar to tear gas!

Andy and Todd, if your reading this make sure you give him hell come Monday about how much trouble he's in.

I'm going to wait until he's done playing then let him have it.  I'm going to bed naked tonight because I know how that affects him.  I'll be asking for extra cuddling, and make sure I do lots of wiggling and get as close as I can.  It's too damn bad I have a headache....


-MissC* said...

The only thing I can say s that the best way to kill a headache is an orgsam!
Love you hot stuff!

Nikki said...

LOL that was going to be my excuse if he wanted to get frisky. To be tease....except it sorta backfired and well ;) you know.

Draft Queen said...

That's N and I. Except I'm not certain he's ever denied me a reaction. Though I vaguely remember blogging about such, so maybe.

Jodene said...

I hear u sister! Ok ... mine is a cyber boy that I've been playing with for well over a year. Yep ... I'm still waiting to blog about that and you might have inspired me. Anyway ... last night I was the one who wanted to play and did this whole little naughty talk thing .. guess what I got? ... The rugby score! OMG!!

In my opinion ... men still can't focus on two things and most probably don't even know they've offended us ... they just had their brain cell facing in the wrong direction!

PS ... you'll melt and forget u ever had a headache ... betcha?

DarkDippy said...

Boobs are cool. Boobs are awesome. In fact, if we boys got paid in boobs, there'd definitely be an amply rise in corporate productivity.

That said, sometimes, just sometimes, even a pair of bouncy boobs in the face can't compete with a dose of testoronic gaming (and the accompanying conversations). Just saying. That is all.

Nikki said...

Jodene soooo true!!! But with my new happy pills I've become the same way so I can't complain anymore, LOL.

HAHA Thanks DarkDippy. He made up for, LOL. I'll just have to remember to up the naughty factor if I'm wanting more than a laugh.