Friday, June 04, 2010

Boys will be boys huh?

I swear someone upstairs has flipped a switch on my children, because they both have upped something to the point of annoyance, frustration or on rare occasions laughter.

Bailey inherited my wonderful skin.  Which means odd rashes that the doctors can't figure out what it is.  He's had one on his arms, legs and occasionally on his cheek now for a few years that won't go away no matter what lotion or cream we us.  Plus twice now he's developed this odd shape bump on his elbow.  It's red and starts out small and grows, last time it was about the size of a quarter.  It looks like a rug burn, although its not.  The only thing that got rid of it last time was Neosporin and a bandage.

Before school starts he'll see a dermatologist, maybe he/she can help get rid of this stuff.

About an hour ago, I bandaged his elbow and ever since he's moped around the house holding his arm tightly against him like he's in pain.  Which he's not.  And for the last 30 minutes he's been curled up on the couch because...

"Mama I don't like what you did to me.  I don't like band-aids".

Yeah so sue me for being your mother and trying to get rid of whatever the crap that is.

"Mama I can't eat pop tarts any more because this is on my arm.  I can't bend it the same and I don't like how it feels".

Are you freaking kidding me??!?!?!?!  I offered other things and got the same response.

I don't know how to encourage him to toughen up without making him feel like he can't express his feelings.  I don't want a stiff statue, but I don't want a whiny, pouting child who throws this kind of fit more and more lately over nothing.

I'm also not enjoying his kicking and yelling fits he does now, while lying face down on the floor or the couch.  And the go to hell looks he gives after you tell him the opposite of what he wants to hear aren't endearing either.

Is this a boy thing?  The slightest bump anywhere and he screams and cries as if he's got a gaping mortal hole somewhere.  I get on to him and he gets worse.  I ignore him and he doesn't stop.  I try to talk him out of it and he starts screaming and crying.  I try to distracted him and he could care less.  Unless Bo is here, then he manages somehow to get him (most of the time) to stop being a whiny ass.  He does the same things I try and he gets results, while I get...

"Mama you're being mean".

Any suggestions?  At this point I'm thinking tequilla and limes.....


S Farrell said...

Alcohol is always my solution for this behavior :) No seriously, I wish I could help but I have one that is a complete whiner and the other could care less. I don't think I did anything different with them but who the hell knows at this point...jeez I need a beer!

Nikki said...

Is it wrong to be excited to hear that?? Thanks for sharing that fact, I guess its just one of those personality things and not a boy thing. I was told men start out as whiners and grow tough as time goes on. I hope this is true and he'll grow out of it...sometimes I just want to smack him or pinch him and say "See that is what really hurts"....kidding of course.