Thursday, July 01, 2010

Can you smack me right on my head please?

Some weeks are a breeze, some suck like a leach attached to an old wrinkly ass.

Love that image don't ya?!?!

I've been counting down the time until Bo gets home since he left this morning.  Why, because although today has been SO MUCH FREAKING BETTER than the other days this week, they wore me down to the nub.  I'm so tired, and sore, and aggrivated that I can't relax and can't think straight.  I'm as tense as a virgin at a prison rodeo (as Blanche said ,or something similiar, on Golden Girls).

Writing has been pretty minor the last few days.  My brain can't put things together with all the screaming, crying and jabber going on all day long.  In fact I started this post around noon and its now 3:30.  So, sorry to report, no more closer to my goal in that area.

As I mentioned above, my brain isn't working, I can't tell you what I ate for breakfast yesterday or if I did for that matter....nor can I tell you if and what I've ate today.  But I weighed this morning and it says I've lost 4lbs...go figure.

My mantra for today: I have a bag of pretzel M&M's and they are all mine....not really a mantra but its all I got.


S Farrell said...

LOL! Amen sista, I know the feeling. I am down to blogging every other week because they completely suck the life from me all day. When they go to bed...I drink. Hang in there Mama!

Nikki said...

Yah I'm not alone in the drinking to survive department, LOL.

I'm hoping once he starts school in August it gets easier. Two of them together wear me out, but seperately I can do.