Monday, July 05, 2010

Bright and shiny

It's absolutely gorgeous out today!  We have lawn work, grocery shopping...and hopefully at some point enjoy the day.

Our holiday weekend wasn't all that different from any other weekend, except Bo and I had a date, we watched Eclipse.  And my parents took Bailey home with them, so we were down one kid.  Hot damn!

I cannot go further without saying Taylor, you may be younger than my oldest niece but I'd still lick those abs like a lolly pop.  HOT BABY HOT.

Ok ~fans self~ I can continue now.

No, no writing, but I did go over some of what I've written and realized that with my no going back to revise rule, I'd screwed up majorly.  I had to take about 12 pages and roast marshmallows in their flames.  Sigh.  And I'm pretty sure I'll be taking out more, I'm just afraid to do it.  IF ONLY MISS WOULD READ THE DAMN THING TO HELP ME....

Wink wink Honey Cheeks.

Do I go back and delete what I know sucks major butt?  Or do I keep writing, and do that later?  But if I do that, it may change the whole story when I do and well rewriting the whole thing would suck less than redoing a few pages.  UGH, not sure what to do.  But I'm not happy with some of the scenes I've done, its obvious its a filler for the scene thats coming. 

It felt like we were on the go all weekend long, so woohoo for more movement....Damnit three times for the bad eating.  Weekends always kick my butt.  It didn't help that we went out of town to watch the movie (the one in town was sold out), and that meant we drove by our FAVORITE frozen custard shop.  You cannot pass by that place and not get something, its a law I tell you.  I had a carmel, cheesecake, reeces cup of HEAVEN. 

What did you do this weekend???


Draft Queen said...

When I write things longer than blog posts I follow a different rule. I edit nothing on my blog ever (other than spell check) whereas I try to write anything else through once before beginning the editing process. This doesn't stop me from reading back to make sure I'm in sync with myself, but I absolutely don't edit it unless it's completely out of place. I allow myself to be incredibly verbose in rough drafts because I know that I'll cut out about half of it in the 9 million editing sessions that follow.

My weekend was lovely! Lots of people, lots of food (the scale will concur) but good times!

Now, pass that custard.

Nikki said...

Yeah, I guess that is true. But since I've already read it and its bugging me, LOL I'm going to struggle going forward if I don't. I don't know, we'll see but I do know if I do go back, I'll end up deleting the whole thing.

Here is their website concrete's are to die for!