Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear KathyP100

I want to thank you ever so much for entering in your recipe for Garlic Lover's Pizza Dough for breadmachines on a not-to-be-named website.  I was so excited to see this recipe as I am not a baker but have wanted to make my own pizza dough.  You see, I haven't kneaded anything since I was a small child helping my grandma in the kitchen.

But after reading your recipe, and having to improvise dinner because of it, I'm thinking of doing this by hand next time.

Typically when people give time durations for a recipe, they actually know the exact times, but I'm thinking you skipped this and pulled numbers out of your ass.

Prep 10 minutes: I had it done in less than 10, it was more like 6, this was even gathering the items as I added them and washing some of the utensils needed as I went.  I'm sure there are those that struggle even more so than I at measuring and they needed the extra time. 

Cook time 25 minutes: hmm you put 10 to 20 minutes of cook time...I can ignore the extra 5 you give and shrug it off as you being careful just in case heating temps are off.  Thank you for such kindness.

Ready in 35 minutes: When I read 'ready in 35 minutes' I assume that either means that from the time you start making the dough until its ready equals 35 minutes or that the entire recipe is done in that time, apparently I must be cooking on Mars as neither assumption was correct.  I'm guessing you took the prep time and cook time and added them together, because what you say in the instructions do not add up to 35. You say to put it in the bread machine and put it on the dough cycle, now I have an older machine so the hour and a half setting may just be a thing of the past, or you just didn't think counting the cycle time was worth it.  You say to let it rest a total of 35 minutes, was this where you got that number? 

Let's do some math here lady, 10min prep+25 cooking+35 resting=70 minutes.  That does not include the time it takes the bread machine to do its job. 

Picture if you will, a 5 year old excited as hell to have his favorite food, pizza, and then the dissapointment he has once he's told you are a moron and can't do simple math.  Not pretty is it?  I started the recipe early enough that even if it had taken 45 minutes, everything would still have been done on time.  Except it wasn't, and if I had followed your recipe we would have ate dinner about 8pm, which is the kid's bedtime.  It's a damn good thing I had ingredients to make spaghetti.

Part of this is my fault as I assumed your recipe took all time into consideration and didn't check the bread machine manual times.  Next time, I'll be sure to read the fine print.

Miss KathyP100, I suggest the next time you decide to enter a recipe, INCLUDE ALL TIME INVOLVED IN MAKING THE RECIPE.   Oh and please have someone else do the math to add it up.


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