Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I exposed myself...

if only it were the nude kind I'm talking about...wouldn't that be a funny story? 

Nope, I went to the store.

By myself with the kids.


On a hot ass day at that.  So hot, that according to Mr. Weatherman "The humidity will remain in extreme levels" until the heat advisery we're under expires this evening.  You walk out the door, and immediately you are sweaty.  I think its the first time they didn't actually say the level of humidity, just that its 88 and feels like 100+.


Ok, so the exposure.  Bo got a call last night from someone we know needing him to work on his computer ASAP.  Luckily he lives not far from us, but it would mean that he would be coming home after 7 if he left then like I made him promise.  That meant no picking up the few groceries I need to make fantabulous tomato soup to help get rid of the millions that are taking over my parents house. 

I talked myself into going by saying if I didn't, all these tomatos scattered around my kitchen would go to waste.  And that wouldn't be helping my parents.  It's a good thing I fixed my hair and put makeup on before Jocelyn woke up, so there wasn't much to do to get ready.

But I took my time because I knew the second I sat in my car, my anxiety would skyrocket into to space.  I blame the heat for distracting me enough that I only had a few seconds of mild panic before I pulled out of the driveway.  WOOHOO!  Shopping is never a problem, its just driving up there, after shopping putting them and the groceries in the car, then coming home and getting everyone and everything inside, safely, that gets me anxious. 

Next exposure was that I did not use the cart cover.  I'm not a 100% germaphobe, but I'm close, and the research that was done, and what was found on how much crap is on those things, has petrified me ever since.  But I didn't want to struggle getting it on, one handed in the heat.  It was ok, I got through it and no I wasn't worrying about what she might pick up.  Although I did have a mini panic attack when she started sucking her thumb.

We got sidetracked with shopping and got done in no time.  Again I swear it was the heat that kept my brain from going OMG a million times and coming up with every scenerio known to man on what could go wrong in the time it took me to load them and the groceries inside the car.  I was thinking "HOT MOTHER FREAKING ASS HOT" over and over, I turned on the car and got them belted as soon as I could.

Yes, I turned on my car, with my kids in it and then loaded the groceries.  Never ever done it in that order before.  Seriously.  It was just that hot and by doing this the car was nice and cool 7 minutes later when we got home...yay.

Once we got home, I handed Bailey the keys, grabbed Joss and grabbed the lightest sacks before heading to the door.  I made one trip back into hades that is outside, beyond thankful that I didn't have to get much today.

I am very shocked that it was relatively easy.  I really don't think it has ever been that easy.

When I opened my laptop to tell Bo that I was back I see this message "good luck... hey good news though... chris texted me and says he won't be home tonight so he wants me to come by tomorrow instead".


But hey, now I can make fantabulous tomato soup with fresh, home grown tomatoes before they go bad.  AND I went shopping with two kids by myself and didn't have a breakdown. 

Major tribal


Lianne said...

High five, girl! I'm so proud of you!

S Farrell said...

Just reading about it gives me anxiety! You go girl. Oh, and I know what you mean about those shopping carts. My 5 year was standing in front of me while I was pushing one and tryed to lick the handle...UGH!!

parenting ad absurdum said...

I find it's when I don't plan and and have no expectations of an errand with the kids going well is when it actually works out! And bless you for making soup in 100+ weather - you're a better daughter than I am :).

Draft Queen said...

Rock on, sista!

Heather said...

You go girl!! That heat is very distracting.

"just get out of the car already!!" is what I yell at the kids when we are out in the heat and they are taking their sweet time to put their shoes back on.

Nikki said...

Thanks guys!! It's never easy posting about these moments, but reading your comments makes it worth it.

Mwuah's all around.

Jodene said...

Woo hoo! Now that's the Nikki I love to see ... kicking those fears in the ass!!

I love and adore tomato soup. Can't believe we're not on the same continent ... tee hee!