Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ouch...but WOOHOO

Yesterday I mentioned that after reading through what I have written so far on the yet to be named story I'm working on, I noticed that most of it sucked. Draft Queen left a comment about how she doesn't edit until she's finished, since there will be lots to redo.  I agreed, I still do, especially with my history.

Except I did it anyway.

Bite me.

And I deleted over 20 pages in total, bringing my page count down to 32 from 50 something.


Before you start yelling at me, which by the way please do so if you ever see me do something stupid.  I totally welcome your advice.  But I digress.  I tried writing and continuing on, except it wasn't working.  I deleted and wrote and deleted and wrote about 4 times, taking 4 different paths.  And none of it worked, because it didn't go with what I had already written.  It had become two separate stories. The only way I could go on, was to get rid of what I didn't like and put in what I knew flowed with the rest.

And I managed to do so without deleting the whole story!!!!!

Can I get a hell yeah?!

I'm now up to 45 pages, and things are flowing so easily now.  But I figured out why, I knew I'd have to go back in and add things like more thoughts and descriptions, so I skipped over all the little details.  I wrote out of place scenes, without thinking of what I wanted to happen and who I pictured the characters to be.  It was one weird empty scene after another with no point, nothing really learned, and basically a lot of chirping crickets in my opinion.  I just hope, the new stuff works better, and I don't forget my point again.

Side note, I am a hopeless romantic so I cannot write anything without romance.  I have a story about vampires AND a story about ghost hunting (plus a few others) and they have a romantic twist. Hehe, I cannot help myself.  Plus, this is the easiest genre to start with, doesn't take much imagination.  I mean, you can't have little green leprechauns jumping around in a love scene that is set in it modern times.  Unless you create the world that accepts the little leprechauns.  Know what I mean?

Anyway, my question for you guys is, what about romance novels are you sick of?  I have my list, but I'd like to hear your complaints anyway.  What do you love about romance novels?


Draft Queen said...

Ah! Maybe that's your problem? If I'm writing a story (which is so rare since I became an adult that it only happened once) I find it's imperative to write a detailed biography of all my characters. You have to learn about them before you can write about them. Know how they think and why they think that way. It's a lot of writing that never makes it to the story, but helps me to keep on course.

I read chick lit seldomly and don't usually get into the full romance novel thing (because I'm a cynical woman, you see) but I really like flaws in characters. Also? I generally read them because they are easy and not terribly complicated so if you put it down a million times because the kids are beating each other up again, you aren't completely lost when you pick it back up.

Good luck! (and do we get to read it when it's done?) (Pretty please?)

Jodene said...

Okay ... here's what I would do! Create a folder called 'crap writing' or something that is going to make your ego feel better and save whatever your write in there. So ... save one copy in a folder you don't think you will ever even go into and then delete and destroy another copy.

It doesn't matter how jam packed the 'crap writing' folder get or if you never look at it again ... but everything you have written will not be lost and you never know what tomorrow bring for your esteem or yourself as a writer.

I dare you to try it ;-)

Nikki said...

Draft Queen - I do write a biography on each character, but its only few paragraphs. I may have to expand that a little. It wasn't just the characters I left bare, it was practically everything, LOL. I skipped all the little details in everything, thinking I'd go back and add it later, except the story made no sense that way.

Jo - I love that idea and I will totally do that from now on!! I do save scenes that I think would work later in the story in a seperate document, but most of the time I just delete it if I don't like it. Going back through the story this morning to make sure I blended what I added yesterday to what I had, I see that I should have done just what you said. Because I reference so much that I took out, that that now has to be changed.

Thanks you two!! Love ya, mwuah's to both.