Monday, July 12, 2010


Toddykins I hope your reading this hear post.  MWUAHS.

Is it really that important that all of your i's are dotted and t's crossed?  I know I'm not perfect on my its/it's and their/they're, but trully I don't care.  I don't judge people by their grammar or spelling, although if they tipe lik this an expekt peeple to thank they are smart, that's something else entirely.  Or misspell just about every word bigger than 4 letters....and some that are only 4...I've seen it and yes I do laugh.  But I don't say anything to the person....

Toddykins Someone today pointed out on my FB status that it should be it's instead of its like I had typed.  And it got me to thinking of all the other posts of people saying how annoying it is when people misspell stuff or use bad grammar. 

I personally find it more annoying when people point it out, as if they've never done it themselves.

It wasn't long ago that someone else on FB posted about how if you couldn't spell right or couldn't use the right their, there, or they're, then stop sending them messages.  I now rarely read this person's stuff, seriously I'd rather have nothing to do with that kind of stupidity.

Yes I still have them as a friend, I can't delete someone over something as dumb as grammer and spelling...but I do ignore them.

I've read blogs where I could pick out tons of errors, but did I? No, I kept reading because it wasn't like I didn't get what they were saying.  It doesn't bother me, because I know I do it. 

Plus no one is going to remember in 100 years that Nikki has issues with it's and their/they're. 


Oh and Toddykins, don't worry I still love you and will still eat your frozen yogurt........


Draft Queen said...

I'm glad you don't take issue with poor grammar- my blog is ripe with horrible misuse of the English language. It's what happens when you refuse to re-read and edit your blog for fear you will censor yourself.

Plus, I like to stick semi-colons everywhere because I feel like they are generally under-appreciated punctuation.

The only time I get vocal about poor grammar/punctuation/spelling* is when it's done in a professional setting. Because hello? You are making yourself look bad. Have some self respect, you know?

*But seriously, every computer has spell check. Just freaking use it. (And yes, I totally give passes on correctly spelled words in the wrong context that spell check wouldn't pick up.)

-MissC* said...

And you better still freakin eat it or I'll shove a spoonful up your nose!
I am gonna switch from IE to chrome just cause IE has no automatic spell checker. It doesn't usually bother me if someone can't spell correctly. It just makes me feel superior to them.

Nikki said...

Draft Queen - I am bad about not doing spell check, especially if I started the post hours before...which is normally the case. I tend to write a little at a time.

Miss - Hush your mouth I put frozen yogurt for a reason, it bugs him!!

Tomer said...

> But seriously, every computer has
> spell check. Just freaking use it.

Not every program in a computer, under windows, has spell checking. but there is a program called SpellCheckAnywhere.Com that adds spell checking to all of windows, including blogs.