Monday, July 12, 2010

Manic Monday...eesh

It's Monday...fabulous.  I have lots planned to do today, keep your fingers crossed I succeed....or get most of it done.

Like cleaning up the chunks of grass that I keep finding all over the house.  Bo mowed the backyard Saturday evening, then we headed out to play in the kiddy pool.  We all tracked in grass, yay.  And since we were trying to do other things all weekend, its all still on my floor. 

I can't believe I just admitted to that.  Bad housewife huh.

I have Mt. Washmore to tackle and HOPEFULLY remember to get my stuff in each load so I don't have another Bag Lady Day.  Plus changing out all the sheets on the beds and getting them all washed as well.

I HAVE to finish the book I'm on and get to the next one.  I've made it to the 2nd book of the 5 I get monthly from BookSwim.  Ok to be honest I'm reading books 2 and 3, 3 is I heart Female Orgasms, LOL, but there's no real hurry to read that.  Plus I have 10 or more books that my MIL gave me that I haven't gotten to read yet, PLUS another 8 new books I've bought over the past year that I haven't read either cause I've been trying to read other stuff.  Ugh...and I've also signed up to do book reviews, but I haven't heard anything back yet so I'll fill you in later if I am accepted.

Today I'm making peach cobbler, and not just any cobbler but the one my grandmother use to make.  I'm using fresh peaches, and I can't wait!  Yeah so W.W. probably won't like it but its something Grandma made and the diet can kiss my butt.  I want Grandma's cobbler ~sticks tongue out~.

Plus I have to do some writing, I haven't in 4 days and I'm feeling it.  Or hearing it I should say, the story is playing in my head like movie.  I caught myself folding clothes Saturday morning,thinking through scenes I want to write.  And like always, I put myself in the story, it helps me "see" everything.  So there I was, folding towels and thinking about having a fight with a boyfriend I don't have.  Time to write, haha.

~passes you a coffee cup filled with your favorite brew~What does your Monday look like?


Draft Queen said...

My Monday? Well, how many points do you think a cupful (or 3) of barium is?

In addition to a flouroscopy this morning, I also had an ultrasound wand in my lady parts.

Then at 9am I arrived at work.


Nikki said...

Oh honey...You had one hell of a Monday. You don't need coffee woman you need Tequilla and lime baby.

I hope the rest of your week is better.