Thursday, July 08, 2010

What are you wearing today?

I couldn't help myself when I ran across this the other day, while looking up people to use to "see" my characters.  I think I'd wear this man any day....hehe.....well as long as he is similar to John in Dear John anyway. 

The eye candy aside, I woke up AGAIN to not having clothes.  Take that back I have shirts, and tons of jeans that are too small to fit over my giant butt. 

Guess what I'm wearing?

A pair of Bo's windbreaker/workout ish pants and one of my shirts.  I fixed my hair this morning and even put make up on, shock I know.  I look hecka ridiculous as Miss would say. 

It made me think, what are some of you wearing around the house that you don't like people to know?

I tend to wear things in the house that I would NEVER wear outside.  I shouldn't wear them in the first place, but hey I do.  Like the pair of pj pants that are a size too small, that I wear from time to time cause they are too cute.  Or the two shirts I own that are totally see through, although they aren't supposed to be layering t's.  Or the numerous t-shirts I own with stains or holes in them making me resemble a bag lady.

I used to live in pj pants or sweats on a daily basis.  I can happily say that I rarely do that anymore, if I have nothing else to wear or if I'm sick I do.  It makes me feel yucky and shlumpy and so couch potato ish that it brings my mood down.  I don't need that, obviously. 

So share peeps, what are you wearing or normally would wear when you are home and don't want anyone to see you?

Now, lets go back to staring at Channing's abs.........

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