Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do you...

Organize your recipes?  I have tons and tons of recipes and cookbooks and it's so hard to go back through and find what I'm looking for in all that mess.  I could make a different recipe (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, sides, dessert) every single day and still NOT make everything.  How can I possibly enjoy these recipes like this!!!

Almost everything on that shelf has something to do with cooking.  The purple (for cooked recipes) is halfway filled and the black binder(for yet to be cooked recipes) is packed and bursting, there's also a purple folder file binder thingy majig there on the right in the middle of the stack that is packed with magazines and magazine clippings. 

I can organize this shelf but every Thursday when I go through this to make the coming week's menu, it ends up looking like this, so why bother you know.  I love recipes, I love cooking, I love sitting down and figuring out what to cook, it's weirdly fun for me.  Except digging through this sucks.

PLUS I have some recipes saved onto my computer that I never use because I forget about them, plus somehow it seems easier to go through this mess.  I don't know why, but if you figure it out let me know.  The files on my laptop are so much neater than this shit.
I found something called Moro, Mom's Online Recipe Organizer.  I have never heard of it but it's free and I'm going to give it a shot.  What can it hurt right?

I also found Living Cookbook software and a way to download a free 30 day trial.  Now I'm not thrilled with the way this particular program looks as its very basic, but I LOVE what it offers and all the different things you can do.  Like a monthly calendar, a grocery list that is built when you click on each ingredient, and having nutritional information all at your fingertips.  I downloaded the trial and will give both of these a try, and then decide which one is better.

So what do you do?  I'm curious because if these two things don't work, the recipes will take over this house and we'll have to sleep outside with the dogs.


Draft Queen said...

I don't.

Of course I rarely use recipes. I'm all about throwing shit together and seeing what happens. (which means I can rarely replicate anything).

BUT for the recipes I do have (you know, family recipes) I've since scanned them into a file on my computer.

Someday, I'm going to get my geeky boyfriend to develop a program in which I can type the contents of my cabinets/fridge and it will tell me what I can make for dinner.

I'm lazy that way.

Good luck!

Nikki said...

Oh honey me too! I learned some crazy mixtures from my Daddy...who puts potatoes, onions and hamburger meat in everything he makes!

Bo and I brainstormed for weeks about a program for him to write to keep track of my recipes. But in the end he didn't have the time to do it, and it has sat there collecting dust.

Hopefully one of these things works!!

And that doesn't make you lazy, it makes you practical, ;).