Thursday, August 12, 2010

Squeazing my eyes shut.

I realize I've talked a lot about my writing and have yet to show anyone really what it is I'm writing.  I've sent some stuff to Miss, but not much.  Not that I don't trust that she'd tell me the truth...ok so I don't really think anyone will but that's my own insecurities.  I'm still embarrassed about what I do, I haven't even done anything, just piddling around writing and talking about it, but it makes me nervous.

I've said I'm wasting my time by not doing something with my writing, that I WILL finish something and get it published.  But there's something I can do first.  Something I am going to do first.  And its hard, it makes me cringe and uncomfy, but if I can't do this, there's no way I can get published.

You can thank Miss, for reading what little I have sent her and encouraged me to post it.  You can thank Jodene for her postivity that has somehow rubbed off on me, damn you Jo, ;).  And finally you can thank Elizabeth, a blogger I just found who has this amazing blog where she writes a what if story with each post, about the life of a SAHM, who is overworked and underappreciated and her unhappiness is eating her up inside.  It's the first blog I've come across like hers, it's a story in progress and it is awesome!

I'm going to start posting a side story I'm working on.  It's one of a couple that I twiddle with when I start to struggle with my main project.  I figured short stories would be a lot easier, LOL.

The only time I posted one of my short stories it sorta went unnoticed.  I didn't have as many followers back then so that could be it.  But it scared me about doing it again.  I sent an email today to Elizabeth, mentioned above, and she told me that her posts don't always get comments, and when it does happen it's only a few.  Because readers don't typically stop at every post to leave a comment.  I hadn't thought about it that way...blonde moment cause I do it to.  So this time I won't be worrying about the comments, although I would love them.  I know my daily hits, I know you guys read it, and this is more about me putting it out for everyone to read than anything else.

So...tomorrow you'll get the first installment. 

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Kaelin said...

It's a little scary putting yourself out there - my new blog is for that purpose, to hold myself accountable & test the waters. Looking forward to your post!