Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I meant to say Wednesday!!


If you haven't jumped on this meme you must!  It's too damn fun not to.  Today we give 3 things we meant to say over the past week, to get it out of our system so we can sleep at night.  Cause you know there is something bugging you that wish you had said.  It is. Bug bug bug.

1.  When I said I wish this dishwasher would work, what I meant was "You mother fucker, you are barely out of the production plant and you can't seem to wash a load of dishes the way you are meant to.  I'm considering building a robot to distruct evil dishwashers, and you will be the body, mwuahahaha".

2.  When I said I'm not 100% in love with my new cut, what I meant to say was I hate it.  It's not the fault of my stylist, as she did what I told her to.  It's my fault.  So fuck you Nikki for saying shorter and thinner without being specific. Because now you have a cut that is even harder for you to fix.  You are so smart!

3.  When I said stop jumping on the back door Frost, what I meant to say was if you do that again, you'll be pissing out of plastic tube since I can't chop your balls off now, and I'll duct tape you bear sized paws so you can't dig at my back door OR create moon craters in my back yard. 

Ah so much better, now its your turn!!

1 comment:

Christy said...

New haircuts can suck. It looks much different in the pictures on someone else. Dishwashers starting to go is a sign of the world ending. Be afraid.