Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello, I have the blahs....again

I think it's from the whole vacation thing mixed with Bailey starting school next week.

On the trip I had thought of a few things to put in my yet to be named book, I didn't write them down which is normally ok, but this time I forgot the ideas.  Yesterday when I sat down to write nothing came out.  Nadda.

My muse is sitting on that patio overlooking the lake drinking her cocktail and giving me the finger.

Today I start the book for my first ever review for Literary Escapism and sadly I'm like oh woohoo~insert eyeroll~.  It's Dark Lover by J.R. Ward, you can find the link to the book on my Amazon list on the right, if you're interested.  I really love this series, it's another twist on vampires, and we all know I love me some blood suckers.  But this blah cloud is bugging me to the point that I'm not so thrilled about reading. 

I can't write for shit, it's not fair to read someone elses work...does that make sense?

All I can do is trudge along through the muck and hopefully fight my way through to the other side. 

On the weight loss side, Miss and I started a new blog, Blog Us Thin.  Our first goal is to see how much we can lose in a month.  We started it on Sunday, so its fairly empty right now.  Come check it out, and please feel free to comment any tips or even your own weight loss journey.  The more the merrier!

Now I'm off to clean my once nice and shiny kitchen that has vomited dirty dishes EVERYWHERE thanks to a dishwasher that's being a bitch.


Draft Queen said...

I think the Blahs are going around.

Or maybe I have a major case of crazy.

It's totally possible. The bottom line is, I can't even publish something and you have, so take that to the bank and turn it into some anti-blahs.

Or something.

Wow. I'm just plain full of shit! ;-)

Crazy Brunette said...

Bitch, I totally know what you mean! When I can't write, I SOOOO don't want to read... and like you I LOVE to read!

Take some xanex and shoot some vodka! You'll feel better in the morning!

(I'll be sending a bill for my excellent medical advice!)

Nikki said...

Draft Queen - Technically I haven't published anything ;). LOL and no you aren't full of shit. I get ya girl!

Crazy Brunette - Does Coconut Rum count??? LOL I'll be anxiously waiting for that bill ;)