Sunday, August 01, 2010

Woohoo I made it!!

I bought shorts guys, and not the ones down to my knees.  Not that I didn't look in every nook and cranny at the store, but the only ones I could find were two sizes to big.  I had to settle for some fugly ass blue shorter than I like shorts, but hey they were $10.

I want you to go back in time with me for a sec.  The creek we went to yesterday, was one Bo and I, along with our friends, used to go to all the time back in high school.  Even on busy day's, there were maybe 20 people there.  There was a huge parking area that never got used, because you could park anywhere you wanted.  You could pick your spot, and take up as big of an area as you wanted because no one was around.  It was peaceful, with just the sound of the flowing water, and the occasional car across the highway.

The creek we saw was packed with people, HUNDREDS of people, and we had to park in the very back where we have never had to park before.  All the good beach areas were taken, but since most people were in the deeper area's we had a huge section of shallow water just for our group.

With the party and no one having a watch, we missed our reunion.  Now I know I joked and whined about going, but now I feel bad.  No I wasn't exactly looking forward to seeing some of them, but its a group of people that I've known for a giant chunk of my life.  We all have history, whether good or bad, and its a big deal for us to get together.   I found out through another classmate last night that only 10 out the 40 of us showed up at the BBQ earlier in the day, which means the girl who threw this together was out all the money she spent on getting it together.  Not many sent anything in, and had promised to bring their share on the day of the reunion.  We were one of those.  Our check is going out tomorrow and I hope it helps her out. 

Even though we're dissappointed that we missed the reunion, we all had a lot of fun, especially the kids.  It was worth missing to see the smiles on the munchkins faces as we swam and played in the creek. 

I'm so glad that is over with!

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Dee said...

Glad you found some shorts and had fun at the creek. I know what you mean about a childhood hangout, that becomes overly crowded with time. ugh!