Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bartender, pour me something strong.

Tuesday we found out Bailey has an ear infection.  A pretty bad one for only being around since Monday morning, or so the doctor said.  The antibiotics kicked in and by yesterday he was playing and back to his semi normal self. 
He was also prescribed ear drops to numb his ear, and that is just too much apparently.  You'd think we were putting acid in his ear with the fit he makes.  It doesn't hurt him, oh no, it's cold.  COLD COLD COLD COLD COLD, is what he screams as loudly as he can with every drop and fights and wiggles so badly that I'm very close to hog tying him to keep him still.  And putting an apple in his mouth to silence him.  HEHE.

Luckily he was feeling well enough to go back to school today, as today is picture day.  Woohoo, as long as he actually smiles for the camera instead of throwing a fit like he has been anytime I get my camera out.

One sick kid, semi better.  Another one just beginning.

Oh yeah did I mention Jocelyn is now sick with a cold?  So far it's not as bad as what Bailey and I had, but she's sniffly, coughing, runny nose, and NOT SLEEPING UH UH SCREW THAT.  Tuesday night was horrible.  She'd be quiet for 15 minutes or so then she'd start screaming.  She was awake, she was fine, she just wanted to be with us.  About midnight we gave up and like bad parents, we put her in her crib and proceeded to ignore her.  Now before you bang on my door with pitch forks, she wasn't screaming in pain, she was just screaming to be screaming.  As in wailing, whining, making any noise so Mama or Daddy will come get me, screaming.  The silence then fake crying/screaming bit continued ALL NIGHT LONG.  The only person who wasn't affected was Bailey, lucky him.  Last night she did it again, no where near as bad thank you holy beings, but she still woke me up throughout the night...Bo I'm pretty sure snoozed through it this time.

The past three days I have had to keep Jocelyn away from Bailey, the little 'mother' kept trying to cuddle and kiss him.  Then if he fell asleep on the couch she'd throw her blankie/toy at him.  I spent yesterday in the floor playing PC games, Bailey on one side of me and Jocelyn in my lap.  Hey it was quality family time, bite me. 

Bartender, I'm tired, I'm sore from all the cuddling, I'm feeling neglected, I'm still sick with a cold myself, my already messy house is even worse now, AND I CAN'T FIND MY DAMN EASY BUTTON.

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Christy said...

I often wish for one of those easy buttons. If you find one, pass it along.