Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 2 of sickly

Bailey stayed the weekend with my parents, as he usually does, and come Sunday was sick...again.  He has LOTS of drainage from his cold two weeks ago, making him cough and it caused him to throw up at Mema's.  About 2 a.m yesterday morning we wake up to a scream, it seems our 5 year old has once again forgotten he can leave his room to come get us.  The drainage has caused an ear ache, yippee.

On a side note, he's 5 and this is the first ear ache he's ever had!! Considering Bo and I both had chronic ear aches as children and I had to have tubes put in my ears, that's a huge improvement.

He had a fever yesterday that didn't go away until yesterday evening, but the damn thing is back today.  No school, day two. We've got drops for his ears, I've got cold meds and Motrin.  I'm going lube this kid up with this stuff, something must work to get this under control.

If not, this afternoon he's going to the dr.


Anonymous said...

Oh I hope your little munchkin feels better soon. Foreign pain is just horrible!

Miss you my friend

Anonymous said...

Ps ..its me Jodene ... Not anonymous but my blackberry refuses to give my identity ... Tee hee

Christy said...

That's not fun. Sorry to hear that. On an up note, you have an award over here. http://christys62.blogspot.com/2010/09/award_14.html