Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Lady in the silver Dodge Durango

I must have misunderstood the rule that if someone is driving, you don't pull out in front of them.  And judging from the look on your face, you felt that it was entirely my fault that I almost hit you this morning and had to squeeze past you and a semi truck.

 Let's recap.

I was 2 blocks away from the light, the line wasn't going anywhere, and since I was going to be turning anyway, I took the turning lane so I wasn't sitting there for 20 minutes.  I'm not the only one that does this, I'm normally the third or forth car in line, this morning I happened to be the leader.  But no one has ever pulled out like you did today.  I could be wrong but it looked as if you saw me and kept going, then when I was practically on you you stopped, I kept going, after I had to slam on my breaks so we wouldn't hit.  Of course this was when that semi was coming toward me and I held my breath as I squeezed by.

I get that your not supposed to use that lane from so far back, however like I mentioned above everyone does it if there is a long line and you need to turn; I'm sure you've done it yourself.  Even if you are not supposed to do it that doesn't make it ok to pull out in front of someone, not only endangering you but your kids, and me and mine plus all the vehicles around us.  I'd much rather you flip me the bird for beating you to the lane than pull out in front so close to me that I had to slam on my breaks.

I do send my apologies as this was in a way my fault since I skipped the line and used the turning lane, HOWEVER you should have looked if you didn't and when you did, you should have stopped instead of trying to beat me as I WAS MOVING.

Thank you, now I have to go change my panties.

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