Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy HUMP Day

Life As I See It

Say hey to the hotties that make this possible...I'm missing one :(, but will add her later.  You may notice that our old helpers are no longer listed, MWUAH we miss you guys but totally understand that you don't have the time.  No worries!  Don't forget to welcome to the new ladies!



If you are new to the list, you'll get it real quick. Don't forget to link up at the bottom.
1.  I fantasize about how I would tell someone off if she ever dared to be a mature adult and fess up to her mistakes. I get a good little giggle and feel so much better as I call her a fucking jealous, spoiled brat in my head...I also imagine smacking her around a few times and that makes me feel EVEN better, LOL.

2.  On a date of sorts with an old boyfriend, I ran over a friend's foot.  Here's the rundown, the three of us were driving around doing nothing as usual when both boys had to pee.  My boyfriend pulled down a dirt road, stopped the truck, turned off the lights and they both got out to pee.  Me being bored off my ass, decided it would be hilarious to drive off while they were peeing, I'd just drive for a bit then turn around and go get them.   They were both just behind the cab doors, facing the truck and each other.  Since they were talking they didn't notice me scoot over and put the truck in gear.  However, our friends foot was under the truck so when I took off, I ran over his foot.  I felt really bad for hurting him but man it was funny anyway.

3.  As a way of getting back at the ex mentioned above, I made out with the friend mentioned above one night after a football game.  My ex was supposed to take me home but decided without telling me, he was going to leave early.  I was lucky to find this friend of ours to get a ride home. He told me for the 100th time how big of a loser my boyfriend was and how he was cheating on me, blah blah nothing new.  He knew how upset I was and was trying to make me feel better.  Well we started flirting, and I kissed him....and the other friend that was with us.  Hey they were fighting over who was a better kisser and yes I took the bait because they were cute and I was hurt and mad.  If I had been as daring as I am now, I think I would have gone farther, ;)....but I was a chicken and passed up an opportunity to get it on with two hot guys.

Your turn!


Nanny said...

hee hee number 2 was funny. Although I'm sure your friend didn't think so at the time.

-MissC* said...

# 3 is what makes you more than qualified for this list!!!
Love you my naughty little minx!

-MissC* said...
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~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

Loved #2. And I agree with MissC. Naughty naughty.

Nikki said...

LOL yeah well sadly I'm running out of those naughty stories...I was a good girl for the most part.

I guess that means I need to get creative and make more current naughty stories, wink wink.