Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Texting, angry style

On one hand, I LOVE technology, I LOVE my laptop, my cell, my kitchen gadgets, my HD TV...on and on LOVE technology.  It makes thing so much easier and more profficient not to mention the fun.  On the other hand, I think it gets in the way of the simple things in life that makes the world go around.  Like hearing your friend's voice, instead of just seeing their words in a text.  Like reading a handwritten letter vs. an email.  No matter how amazing technology gets, it can't replace all the beauitful personal touches in life.

But this morning I was completely thankful for technology because Bo and I had an argument on Google Talk.

I'm not sleeping folks.  I mean I am, but I wake up feeling like I just fell asleep even if I sleep 8+ hours or only 3, it doesn't matter.  Aunt Flo is circling the block with her speakers on as loud as they can go making the damn windows rattle and my ears buzz, but has yet to pull in the freaking driveway!!!!!  Tomorrow marks a week without my happy pills, I'm in detox mode so not fun.

Needless to say my typical morning ogre is cheery and peppy compared to what I have become these past few days.

This morning I asked Bo if he had put Bailey's clothes out last night because I had forgotten, and he said no since I do that.  Damnit 3 times.  I go get his clothes gathered, slightly pissed off that I forgot and that Bo didn't remember.

All the while I hear Bailey talking and singing and being extra loud while Jocelyn is still asleep.  I did not hear Bo say anything to him whatsoever, which isn't all that unusual.  He tones him out a lot, and doesn't realize he's loud enough that his voice is echoing.  I walk in the living room and pull something my mother has done to me, I look at Bailey and tell him he is being too loud and he better hush it now and then turned to Bo and told him how he has got to start paying attention because I could literally hear him plain as day behind closed doors.  Considering if you yell on one side of the house, it's practically impossible to hear on the other side, that is saying something.

That's it, that's all I did.  I got my coffee I sat down and bloop, message from Bo asking why I'm being so freaking mean and how I'm the one that gets Bailey's clothes ready so the idea never crossed his mind.  How I'm overreacting.

What!?! Hold the fuck up.

Thus proceeded me telling him he was overreacting and blew it up because I wasn't pissed off.  I wasn't happy that he didn't check for his clothes, and that he didn't get on to him for being loud but nothing to the extint he was saying.

It took a few messages for him to get this and he was all apologetic.  He'd zoned out and didn't realize Bailey was making noise at all.  And that is possibly why he saw my silent, half asleep ogre ass as being pissed off.

Thank you babe for the apology, but now I'm pissed.

I headed out to drop Bailey off at school and he headed off to work.  By the time I got back home I was giggling at the idea that we had argued entirely without saying a word.

Technology at it's best, ha ha.

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Gotta love technology!