Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If only I could wear this all day

Recently I signed up to test products for Sexual Fantasy Boutique for my first review I chose this hot number.

Smart and sexy is the perfect combination. The Wall street Babe reversible corset shows either your sexy or sophisticated side. The corset is pinstripe on one side, pink on the other and features a wide patent leather belt and a black thong. The shoulder and garter straps are removable. Create several looks and moods with this versatile corset set

It's my first ever corset and me being the weird romantic I've always dreamed of having one...and the petticoats and the huge period dress but I digress.  I've put off doing it.  OMG why? Really why did I, cause this thing rocks!

The first time I put it on, I had no real plans to wear it long, just to see if it fit.  I needed Bo's help to tighten up the back, which I totally recommend having someone help with this because I couldn't do it myself.  Bo was in awe, and this man is not a lingerie man.  And well even if I had intentions of wearing it long he didn't have the same plans.  Sadly I haven't tried the stockings because someone never lets me get that far.  Nor have I tried the undies but they are very cute and I'm sure would really make the outfit kick ass.

Yeah not the best review but I've run out of time to try it all out and it's better than nothing I suppose.  But hey, it's obviously hot if I can never get the whole thing on before my hubby jumps on me like a caveman.

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McKenzie said...

Super freaking cute!