Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This won't be pretty

Over the weekend we made a spur of the moment decision.

We're moving and getting a new house.

To be technical this isn't really out of the blue since we've been talking about doing this for the past 3 years. We even had a plan started and almost completed for us to build our own house but that fell threw with the housing market downfall.  It's one of those "Ok so maybe next year we'll be where we need to be financially to do this.  We'll come back to it in 6 months" kind of things.  We haven't been aggressive about it at all.

Except on Saturday when I did my whole local for sale listings research I do to check the housing market, I ran across the house of all houses.  FUCKING AWESOME HOUSE is what we are calling it.  We both sat up and oohed at this puppy.  We even drove by it twice on Sunday ~blush~.  We looked at each other after driving by and Tone Loc said "Let's do it". 

Yesterday I made some calls and we da da daaa toured the FUCKING AWESOME HOUSE.  Poor Bo didn't feel too fab since he stayed home from work, but I was not going to miss up seeing the house.  He powered through it just fine.  It's insane, as in blow your mind into a million teeny gewy pieces insane.  It's like 3x the size of our house, we'd be going from 1400sqft to 3000sqft, see INSANE.  And even more cooky is that it's in our price range.  I would love to give you all the little specs but I really don't want to come across as bragging because that's not me.  Let's just say the ONLY complaints we had were purely cosmetic and would take very little to repair.

But here's the major kickers.  If we get our house ready to sell on time, sell it before the contract expires, and sell it for the price we need, it's possible.  If we can sell the land we bought to build on for even close to what we paid for, to pay off one loan we have left, it's possible.  Basically if all the planets align and do a two step we can buy FUCKING AWESOME HOUSE.

Yesterday I went through and decluttered, the kitchen and the dining room and bagged up the kids toys for the time being.  Today I get to clean up the mess I made in the kitchen and dining room from decluttering, ha ha cruel joke that, as well as declutter the office, laundry room and our bedroom.  I HAVE to clean this house up, and I HAVE to declutter and organize.  There's no see if I can get this done today, I HAVE to do it.  We're going to see if the realtor can come by on Saturday to give us an estimate on our house and tell us what we need to do to get it ready. 

Which means, you poor dears won't get to see much of me for a few weeks if all aligns and we do this.  Oh how sad for you right, haha.  I'm going to try to blog, but I can't promise since I suck at cleaning and organizing and I'll be doing most of it by myself with a destructive toddler on my heels.

Keep your fingers, toes, eyes and anything else crossed for us!!

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Katie said...

Whoo hoo!! What better than a new house? A FUCKIN AWESOME new house!!
Go you!