Monday, October 04, 2010

Change is awesome

Well FUCKING AWESOME HOUSE has fallen through.  We can twist the numbers every which way and it would be possible but there's just way too many if's and it would still be an extremely tight budget for a few years.  Not something we're happy about.

We've looked around and found a new house.  An even better house.

It's not as big FUCKING AWESOME HOUSE, but it's much bigger than our house now, and newer and nicer and insanely beautiful.  The kitchen IS TO DIE FOR, every bedroom has a walk in closet and the master bedroom closet is not much smaller than our bedroom now.  The neighborhood is quiet with nice houses on ginormous lots.  There are a few downsides, but nothing that's a deal breaker.

Oh yeah and it's CHEAPER as in way way cheaper, like $40k cheaper!! I did a mini tribal...naked...on my front lawn.

We made the mistake of taking Bailey with us when we looked at houses this weekend.  He fell in love with the first house we saw.  It was nice and HUGE, but he was more in love with the stairs.  He's not going to be happy when we tell him we're going with a different one.  Oh well, Mama wants that kitchen...and the closets.

We have two people interested in looking at our house, and it's not even on the market. EEEEEE!  Hopefully one will buy it, I'm itching to be in the new house before Xmas. 

New house has no name yet, I'm thinking something elegant like PRINCESS AWESOME or THE DUCHESS....yes it must have caps hehe.


Christy said...

Cool! Sometimes it takes a little more searching, but it's worth it.

EnVii said...

i am now following you via naughty list wednesday