Monday, October 11, 2010

The chaos has only begun.

For the past few weeks I've been trying unsuccessfully to clean the house up to show.  I've surpassed in the de-cluttering department, woohoo go me, but I was barely able to clean anything because of corralling a Tasmanian devil.

Thursday afternoon, all day Friday and Saturday morning Bo and I CLEANED the shit out of this house...I don't think it's been this clean all at one time since we moved in 6 years ago.  Sad huh.  Saturday afternoon our realtor came by to do the whole market analysis thing.  Not once did she leave our living room...which means we didn't have to rush it but hey at least its clean.

That was only the beginning.

This weekend we will tackle painting the master bedroom, taking down the wallpaper and painting the kitchen AND sanding down and painting the kitchen cabinets white.  Sigh.

Then hopefully we can put this puppy on the market and put a bid on Savanah..oh yeah that's the new house's name.  Savanah....say it with me Savanah.  Before you think I'm being all Scarlet O'Hara, that's the name of the street it's on...;) we thought long and hard on that one huh.

But my favorite part of this tale is that we have one bathroom working in this house right now.  You see the master bathroom toilet has been running for a while.  We've tried all the normal fixes and it only worked for a flush or two.  We were told all of the insides need to be replaced, oh joy.  Bo was on a whirlwind apparently, not sure where he got the energy to do this, because around 6pm he decides he's going to fix the toilet.

I did not think that 6pm was the best time to start on this.  Since A) he's never done anything like this whatsoever, B) it's bath night and C) it's late on a Sunday, never a good time to start a project.  But what do I know right?  He said it was easy and he'd be done in no time.

Two hours after starting his easy project, he gave up.  One of the new pieces broke, and with Lowes already being closed he had to find a substitute from Wal-Mart... that didn't work. 

This already sucks ass and we have barely begun.

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