Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is it me?

Or have we been sick with a cold/sinus thing since like the second week of school?

I've heard the kids get sick, but no one mentioned that EVERYONE would get sick too.

Right now I have Niagra Falls inside my sinus', tasty breakfast that, my throat is scratchy from all that gunk, I'm coughing up more gunk, AND I have tons of sinus pressure all over my head.  Bo has the scratchy throat and runny nose.  Bailey can't stop coughing no matter how much cough meds we give him, due to ahem drainage.  And now, Jocelyn is starting to cough and her runny nose has become a fashion statement.



-MissC* said...

Caden has already missed 4 days of school this year from being sick! And they only allow 10 a year.

Draft Queen said...

Somewhere around June, I suspect.

There is some horrible sinus thing going around at my work. Half the lab is out with it. Of course I have it. Thought I was getting over it until last night when the sinus pressure gave me a headache so bad I couldn't sleep.

Not that it'll help you now, but if the school allows it, send Bailey with a travel size hand sanitizer and teach him to use it often. Started doing this with my kids last year and we didn't have any days off.

Hope everyone is healthy again soon!

Christy said...

When my kids were little I thought no one would ever be well. The only time no one was sick was about a month into their summer vacations. Then in September, we would start all over again. Yikes!

Nikki said...

Sheesh I feel better now, LOL. I'm starting to rethink that whole homeschool thing, we wouldn't get sick that way haha.

Draft Queen - That was one of the items we had to get for school actually. He is really good about washing his hands, cause I'm always doing it ahem. So far that isn't helping us haha...damn