Friday, October 29, 2010

Feeling guilty

Today is the Fall Party at Bailey's school and I decided not to go. 

And now I feel like a terrible mother, because my reason was that I have so much to do that I wouldn't get anything done today if I did go.

How sad huh?  I chose cleaning over my son.

My anxiety was going nutso over the idea of today's party, have no clue why, and I knew that I'd be even more distracted and end up not cleaning at all.  Putting me even further behind, which we cannot afford.  My 5 and 10 minute cleaning spurts is barely getting us anywhere and we have plans all weekend.  I have to do as much as I can, when I can or we can't get the house ready by our deadline.

But I hate that I chose this over spending time with my baby at school today.  I HATE cleaning, wtf was I thinking!


McKenzie said...

There is always next year!

I know how it goes to have to put cleaning over funner and more important things, but I get to the point that I itch to get the dang house cleaned.

SB said...

i used to be that way. clean before kids and then i got the awesome advice of 'those dishes wont go anywhere but your kids will' so i try not to miss their events. nobody's perfect that's for damn sure

Nikki said...

McKenzie - Very true, plus it's not the only party he'll have this year.

SB - That is usually true for me, but with us trying to sell the house, I have to keep the place sparkly...ok so technically I'm still trying to get it there ;). Let's hope I can get it under control before we put the house listed in a couple weeks.