Thursday, October 28, 2010

I want to be Susie!

You know those women who seem to never ever clean yet their house is always sparkly, there's a platter of fresh baked chocolate cookies on the counter and she's dressed to the 9's?

I'm not one of them.  Nope, never have and wish I could be.

We still have some projects waiting to be done before we can get the house up for sale, and I'm cleaning as much as I can every day, which isn't much, just so that when the day comes it won't be so hard to do a quick clean through.  Except the biggest things I can't do until she's down for her nap and by them I'm DONE.  I think ok, I'll do that once Bailey is home so he can keep her occupied for a few minutes, and that only lasts so long and nothing gets finished.  So then it's pushed back until Bo gets home and I scramble around half awake trying to get as much done as I can while he entertains them. 

I'm doing way more now than I normally do, but it's still not enough, not even close to being enough to get this whole house cleaned.

Oh wait didn't we clean a few weeks ago?  Yes we did.  But then we got sick and blah blah and well I haven't been able to keep up with it like I had wanted. 

One of the things I HATE is feeling like I'm the only one doing things.  And sadly, Bo's hours and him having quality time with the kids have left him very little relax time or work time at the end of the day.  He isn't able to help me as much as he used to, cleaning wise.  So not only do I have every damn thing I need to do zooming around my head at the beginning of the day, I have the thought that I'm the only one responsible for getting it all done.

Some may be happy with that, but I'm not.  I want help, scratch that I NEED help because I get frustrated and overwhelmed very easily.

Every day I get excited by reminding myself that to get this house sold and to buy Savannah I have to get the house clean and ready.  The only way to do that is to get off my ass and work.  I picture that GINORMOUS kitchen, the huge walk-in closets, that jet tub big enough for two people, etc.  I have great momentum, and then suddenly I have a brain fart and I have no clue what to do and where to go.  I end up doing random things, which needs to be done, but it's not getting me anywhere.

Le sigh.  Le whine.

Oh Susie, can you come over and rub your organizing and motivation skills all over me?  Or maybe do it for me?

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