Thursday, October 07, 2010

Good in with the bad.

Mama felt better so she and my dad came with Joss and me on Bailey's field trip.  Let me tell you, I am so so so so relieved because it was not easy keeping those buses in sight in all that traffic.  I would have been hit or hit someone by trying to see a bus it was that busy and chaotic.

It was fun, albeit hot and dusty, but the kids had a blast at the pumpkin patch.  Bailey's favorite part?  Riding in the bus of course.

Thats when the good gets overshadowed by the bad.  Around 4pm, I started getting a sinus headache.  I have had almost constant drainage issues for well so long I truly can't remember a time when I didn't have it, but these past few days its like cement is draining in there.  By 5pm my throat was sore and I was freezing.  I put on three shirts, one being a HUGE hoodie that normally is too hot for me, sweats, socks and eventually 2 blankets, and I was still cold.  By the time Bo got home last night it hurt to talk and the only thing that felt good swallowing was Pepsi.  Strange huh? 

I fell asleep right after dinner and slept until ten, then got up off the couch and went to bed to sleep some more.  I felt horrible.

Today I woke up feeling practically fine.  I still have the horrible glue drainage, and the fuzzy sensation in my head from the sinus pressure, but no sore throat.  I do feel exhausted and weak, like you do when you're sick and have a fever, but no fever today.

Hot damn!

I'm a slow turtle today but by golly I'm going to get stuff done.


Jodene said...

Wow, quite a day to catch up on my friend. I am so happy that you didn't have to do the field trip on your own but sorry that you didn't feel so great.

I'm doing my best to catch up on blogging and reading my special blogs without draining the back but I feel better and want to thank you for all your love and support through my crazy time!

Oodles of love!!!

Draft Queen said...

OMG I'm getting over a sinus infection myself and I really just wanted someone to beat me with a bat or maybe just drill a hole into my sinuses to relieve the pressure! Not a good time. Sorry you are suffering a similar affliction.

Hope you feel better soon!